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Our strategies are focused on three overarching goals to achieve the best investment.

Increase stocks

With a one-time amount of money, the number of stocks held is increased over the long term through buying and selling activities.

Highest Dividend Yield

You buy at favorable prices and secure the highest possible dividend yield for your investment.

Highest Profit Taking

By skillfully buying and selling, maximum profits are sought to achieve the highest possible return.

Below you will find portfolio examples for different types of investors. If you recognize yourself in one of these groups and want to implement a portfolio, do not hesitate to contact us. We accompany you in all steps to success, from opening an account to implementing individual order instructions. For existing portfolios, we can optimize them or combine them with others to get the best results.

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Portfolio Examples

Avoid high management fees in funds and stay flexible in your investment strategy while always staying up to date.

Portfolios for Special Investor Groups - a Selection

Click on the individual investor types to view the individual portfolios.

Our detailed Services for Investors & Funds - Success Together!


• Our rankings identify stocks that offer high performance, are sustainable, and support your investment strategy.

• If you have potential portfolio candidates, we create a suitable ranking based on performance, ESG criteria, and fundamental data for selection.

• We find undervalued stocks with potential, considering the risks for optimal portfolio selection.

• We help you discover potential shooting stars by presenting short-, medium-, and long-term options showing outstanding performance signals.


• Our rankings provide concrete support for determining portfolio allocation by considering performance, risk, and other factors to identify the best investments.

• Our allocation proposal is based on performance, ESG ratings, and risk. We consider your liquidity and an emergency plan to provide specific recommendations for portfolio structure. This offers guidance and additional support for your decisions.

• Our roadmap for portfolio implementation offers clear and flexible instructions with precise order requests to build your portfolio. We optimize purchase timing for the best prices and adjust orders in the short term to maximize efficiency. With clear instructions and limit prices, we provide secure implementation of your investments.

• For optimal portfolio selection, we provide support in finding suitable certificates or warrants. We consider optimal base prices or knock-out limits to achieve the highest returns with minimal risk. Benefit from leverage for long positions and optimal hedging during price declines while also profiting from short-term fluctuations.

• Our risk management offers tailored stop-loss and take-profit orders for continuous performance. We consider your investment strategies to ensure stable portfolio management and maximize returns with controlled losses.

• We support you in directly implementing your order requests with the broker, saving time and securing the best prices through our flexibility with order requests. Thus, you maximize your returns.


• We support decisions to optimize your portfolio with clear recommendations for new purchases, repurchases, holding, partial sales, and full sales of positions. Thus, we ensure you always have the optimal portfolio with the highest return and minimal risk, continuously tracking your investment strategies and maximizing customer satisfaction.

• We systematically analyze past actions, evaluate their performance, and identify optimization opportunities for your investment strategies. We consider achieved returns as well as avoided losses or past gains. You receive detailed information on turnover, cash flow, and ratings for current positions that include completed actions. This allows you to strategically improve your future performance.

• With your custom software, we generate automated reports and alerts that not only display the current performance of your positions but also include future-oriented analyses. You receive timely warnings of potential risks and can access performance simulations for your portfolio to quickly respond to new opportunities or threats.

• We review and adjust your investment strategy, transparently showing deviations and adjusting stop-loss and take-profit accordingly. Thus, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy, make adjustments, and achieve better results.

• We identify new candidates and shooting stars that improve your portfolio performance and perfectly match your strategy. This allows us to balance risky positions and increase overall performance while minimizing risks.

• We support decisions on selecting suitable certificates or warrants to maximize returns and minimize risks. With optimal base prices or knock-out limits, you can use leverage and hedge your positions while profiting from short-term and long-term price movements.

• We support decisions to sell, buy, or include new candidates in your portfolio by providing specific recommendations for the number of shares involved. We not only consider individual positions but also analyze your entire portfolio at a meta-level to create an optimal overall picture. Thus, you make the best decision that considers all scenarios and enables the best performance.

• We systematically analyze a variety of funds and portfolios to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Upon request, we share the key information from these analyses if there is no business relationship or mandate from the fund owner. This allows you to benefit from the strengths of the competition and adjust your positions as needed to learn from the weaknesses of other funds.

• We quickly create contingency plans and simulations for extraordinary events such as severe price crashes, including specific stock numbers. This ensures you always have a comprehensive plan for various scenarios and corresponding measures. We are by your side in difficult situations!

For Funds: We analyze the performance and ESG values of companies and compare them with others. In case of significant differences, these results can be used in discussions with the companies to optimize their business practices. This not only provides arguments for discussions but also contributes to improving corporate activities, which can positively impact stock prices.

For Funds: We provide transparent performance analyses and future-oriented simulations to explain to investors and clients why certain actions are taken. Through clear decision-making, we increase customer satisfaction and build trust. Our strategy also includes contingency planning for further fluctuations such as stop-loss, repurchases, or complete sales.

For Funds: Our tailored interface offers automated reports for clients and investors. Using low-code programs based on AI, we efficiently support communication. This keeps your clients informed and satisfied.

For Funds: We conduct discussions and rankings with partner banks to secure the best conditions and reduce costs. Additionally, we search for alternative providers to minimize expenses for your portfolio.



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